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SPECIALIZED Element 2.0 Hybrid Jacket Woman

SPECIALIZED Element 2.0 Hybrid Jacket Woman

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888818284139 Farbe: carbon
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€ 99,95 * € 199,90 *

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€ 99,95 * € 199,90 *

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888818285044 Farbe: carbon
Größe: M
€ 99,95 * € 199,90 *

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€ 99,95 * € 199,90 *

Diese Auswahl steht nicht zur Verfügung!

There's cold and then there's freezing cold. And while finding the perfect jacket at either end... mehr

There's cold and then there's freezing cold. And while finding the perfect jacket at either end of the spectrum is pretty easy, the temperature range in between is where you'll spend the majority of your time on the road, and finding a cycling jacket for this space can be quite difficult. No longer, though, as our Women's Element 2.0 Hybrid Jacket fills the gap splendidly. The jacket is made from one of the most venerable materials in the business, Element Soft Shell, and as the 2.0 iteration of this jacket, it's placed to provide full coverage and protection. As its name suggests, this material is extremely wind- and water-resistant. But what its name doesn't tell you is that it's also highly efficient at wicking moisture away from the skin, while also remaining soft against the skin and quite breathable. This fabric also possesses the perfect amount of stretch, which complements the articulated cycling cut of the jacket. Essentially, this all adds up to a complete freedom of movement throughout the motions of cycling, which equates to the elimination of any rubbing, pinching, or chafing. We've also designed this jacket to be extremely versatile, and to complement this, the sleeves are made to be completely removable. This way, you're able to wear it as a jacket when it's pouring, and then zip off the sleeves and stow them away after you catch a break in the weather. The Element 2.0 also includes other weather-fighting properties, like a full front zipper that prevents drafts and keeps the zipper off of your chin. There are also wrist seals that prevent air and water from infiltrating the jacket via the sleeve openings, and a pop collar that performs similar duties at the neck opening.

  • Element 2.0 Soft Shell is a medium weight knit fabric with remarkable insulating properties, as well as being windproof, water-resistant, and highly breathable. > Removable sleeves convert the jacket to a vest, increasing the versatility of its usage in varying conditions.
  • One rear zippered pocket houses your small ride essentials and electronics.
  • Stretch cuffs seal the jacket from cold, while thumb holes lock sleeves in place.
  • Reflective elements increase your visibility to motorists in low-light conditions.
  • Deflect® UV 50+ protects your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Standard Fit is generous and comfortable, while also allowing ample room to layer underneath.
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